Demo Trees

by Nacho Trees

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This is our first demo.


released March 1, 2015

mixed by Jeffrey Schwertfeger



all rights reserved


Nacho Trees Illinois

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Track Name: Comments
I'll never find my chance at success, won't get the much needed revenge
No stories to tell to a family, the things that I need stay out of reach, and suddenly when it's been all put to bed, it cycles all over again, it fucking cycles all over again.

But the static from my TV, is illuminating my dreams, the sitcom life just don't exist, I'm drunk as hell and I am pissed, and when I see a glimmer of hope, it's only when I have awoke, it's fucking only when I have awoke.

They'll never be jealous of me, the people all over my screen, the money they pull in, the lives they have, the countless hours I'll never get back, And when I see that system shut down, the memories will arise from the ground, the fucking memories will arise from the ground.
Track Name: Strawberry
Glory the whore with the pain of an avalanche, and thoughts never said, the lord holds me back, he doesnt reply and I spend my time alive in wonderment, a ghost or a hoax that will let me down, cause reality bites and it's very loud it cancelled the laugh that we could've had alive. All loving what's been robbed of the house, smiling in hope with our empty mouths, all loving what's been robbed of the house, smiling in hope though it's over now.
Track Name: Brief Burrito
this is your life and it's ending every second passing by, you're not special when you die, these are your friends and the reason they are here for you depends and the favors you did and the money you spent, and oh, at your funeral, you'll be 6 feet underground, probably 30 years from now, this is your death in the form of cancer or a heart attack, if you treat your body like that.
Track Name: A Movie about Moving
ill remember you the way you forgot about me you are moving to the big city, in a single scene frame everything's changing, it wont be the same anymore in a single scene frame i've been erased yet nobody cares anymore, they just dont care anymore. ill one day move on and find a town of my own time will break the bonds until you are all alone.